Video Q&A with Our Top Performing Franchisee

We’re packing up the early part of 2022 with incredible sales growth, thanks to our customer-centric focus and resilient business model. One of our standout performers is Boise, Idaho franchise owner Ron Bishop. Ron is no stranger to strong sales metrics. Since opening in September 2019, his sales took off almost immediately, with 2021 YOY … Continued

Safe Online Selling Practices

Selling your items online can be a great convenience, but as with all other monetary transactions it is essential to remain vigilant in taking actions so you are not getting scammed. As consumers adapt their selling criteria and preparations, scammers change their tactics too. Staying updated on the safest online selling practices can save you … Continued

Franchising with Your Better Half Can be the Best of Both Worlds

With over a dozen couples already in our franchise system, it’s easy to observe that married partners are seeking new opportunities to be their own boss and own their own business. Many of our existing franchisees have an entrepreneurial mindset, but are looking for a proven system with which they can join forces. Postal Connections … Continued

Postal Connections/iSOLD It Reaches New Heights in 2021

As Postal Connections/iSOLD It closes out 2021, we’d like to reflect on how our business grew and our plans to “pack” an even bigger punch in 2022 Establishing Notable Market Position Early On We have escalated sales performances this year in a dramatic fashion as same-store service center sales surged up by 14% nationwide year-to-date … Continued

Why Veterans Make Great Postal Connections Franchise Owners

One out of every seven franchises in the United States is owned by a veteran. Veterans are among some of the best franchise owners because they have the strong entrepreneurial skills to own and operate a successful business. This includes a mixture of leadership, hard work and dedication, and the ability to follow systems and … Continued

From Package Delivery Driver to Franchisee: Meet Lee Kennedy

Lee Kennedy

As millions consider new career paths in a partial post-pandemic world, Millennials officially edge out baby boomers as the second largest generation of franchise owners, making up 23.4% of franchise ownership, according to a report from Franchise Insights. With a remarkable 23% increase in same store sales over 2020 (2020 was up nearly 10% over … Continued

Finding Your Way in a New E-Commerce World

Postal Connections serving customers

Today’s increase in online consumer shopping is changing e-commerce fulfillment in new ways. Experts attribute this to the so-called “Amazon effect.” As the result of increased purchasing of unpredictable sets of items from online retailers, the Amazon effect describes the need for the e-commerce industries to adapt to Amazon’s practices. Amazon’s next-day and same day … Continued

Making Connections: Getting to Know Our Franchisees

Meet Ron Bishop, owner of Postal Connections-Southwest Boise and a proven retail industry leader. Ron launched his Postal Connections location in early 2019, leveraging a professional background that includes more than two decades of experience managing multi-unit retail divisions regionally throughout the western half of the United States. And, while his background includes areawide management … Continued