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More About Postal Connections

What is the initial investment cost?

The estimated initial investment range is $138,000-$240,000 for Postal Connections Store and $62,000 – $88,000 for the @Home Location. This includes our franchise fee, start-up costs, architectural plan, store assembly, equipment, software, supplies, training and working capital. Actual costs vary depending on individual locations and other circumstances.

Veterans discounts apply to franchise fee – we offer 20% or $6,780 off the initial franchise fee for PC Store or PC/ISI @ Home Location.

Does Postal Connections offer financing assistance?


Postal Connections has an arrangement with several well-known, reputable commercial loan brokers who act as your agent to find funding sources. They provide a quick-qualification analysis for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, lending through your 401K or IRA, secured and unsecured lines of credit and many more options. We also have years of experience in this area and are happy to offer guidance.

For more details, contact us at or 1-800-767-8257 or (1-800-POSTALS).

Will I get protected territory for my store?


Each Postal Connections Store has a protected territory in the Franchise Agreement that ensures no other Postal Connections store will be placed in that territory without your approval.

Will Postal Connections help with the design and build-out of my store?


Postal Connections helps you through every step of this process. We provide personal attention to your questions and assist as your new store is installed. Both Postal Connections company owners will be available to you when you need help. For more details, please contact us at or 1-800-767-8257 or (1-800-POSTALS).

How long does it take to get open for business?

Your new store can be open within 45 to 90 days, in most cases, from the time you sign a location lease.

What does my training include?

Postal Connections training begins when you receive our manuals for business development, opening, operating and marketing your store. For a Postal Connections Store, a total of nine days of comprehensive training is provided. This includes a five-day “live action” training session in one of our regional training stores working with customers, operating the business management system and learning how the equipment works. You will learn how the POS software operates, customer services skills and methods from a top-performing Postal Connections franchisee. Your comprehensive training continues with a four-day session in your new store when it opens. During this time, your trainer will check your store to be sure all is set up properly, accounts are open, supplies have arrived and retail items are in place. The trainer assists with equipment and software to be sure you know how to operate it.

When our Postal Connections trainer leaves, you are ready to serve your customers, operate the store or PCE service center and set up marketing tactics. The trainer is then available as your mentor for the next three months.

What support will I receive after training?

Postal Connections provides ongoing support from our Headquarters Office and personal visits to your store or service center. This includes direct access to our company owners and all key company personnel via telephone, fax, email and our private franchisee internet site On, you’ll find most everything you need for the business, from tools to operate the profit-planning, hiring, marketing, webinars and tutorials, and far more. is a private intranet for franchisees only.

But unlike many other franchises, we begin our business relationship personally with you when one of our Co-Owners comes to meet you at the time you join our network. We meet to establish a connection – a connection that is ongoing to assist with business planning, marketing strategies, vendor relations, or simply to talk about your plans. We take our guidance and “coaching” mission seriously, remaining available to support you for as long as our business relationship continues

How easy is it to own multiple Stores?

Postal Connections encourages multi-store ownership, and several of our franchisees own more than one Store. In fact, we have financial incentives for you and/or your family to own multiple Stores. Our franchise fee is discounted for the second Store and succeeding Stores. We assist our franchisees by reducing the new Store franchise fee and installation costs of the next unit. For both Stores and Express service centers, we have a multi-unit discount if bought at the same time and a significant discount when you’re ready as a franchisee to open your next Store. For more details, please contact us at or 1-800-767-8257 or (1-800-POSTALS).

What is Postal Connections’ vision for the future?

Postal Connections plans to grow to several hundred locations in the U.S. We see our opportunity to be known as more than a pack and ship store and appealing to a larger geographic trade territory as Postal Connections eBay Drop Off Centers. Millions of potential U.S. customers are under-served seeking convenience, choices and expertise for delivering specialized jobs. For more details and discussion of our plans, please contact us at or 1-800-767-8257 or (1-800-POSTALS).

How do I get started?

It’s easy!

Just call us at 1-800-767-8257 or (800)-POSTALS or email us at The fastest way to get started is to apply online. There’s no obligation. It’s simple, 100% confidential, and we have added security software on our website to protect your privacy. However you choose to reach us, we will respond promptly

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