Our goal is to deliver better value than other industry franchises — at a lower cost to you

We challenge you to make the comparison—to see the difference.

Postal Connections stores include many services to sell including a unique, hard-to-find service iSOLD It on eBay. It makes our stores different from all other pack and ship stores and provides a proven way to add profitable sales with many service lines all under one roof. Compare our start-up expense chart detailing initial investment estimates and ongoing fees.

Postal Connections & iSold It Store

Franchise Fee $33,900*
Turnkey Store Installation $115,000
Typical Local Expense (Paid to vendors) $17,925 to $30,550
Estimated Initial Investment** $138,000 to $240,000
Royalty 4%
Mo. Advertising Fee $175 or 2% of sales, whichever is lower

Postal Connections & iSoldit @Home

Franchise Fee $33,900**
Turnkey Store Assembly $50,000 to $75,100
Typical Local Expense (Paid to vendors) $5,000 to $10,000
Estimated Initial Investment $62,000- $88,000**
Royalty 4%
Mo. Advertising Fee $175 or 2% of sales, whichever is lower

* Veterans receive a discount of 20% or $6,780 off our franchise fee for PC Store or PC/ISI @ Home Outlet

** An operating reserve is not included. We discuss this with you before you join our franchise

You’ll find Postal Connections pays close attention to cost control to ensure you a good start. This includes:

  • Stores that are turnkey start-ups ready to do business.
  • Start-up assistance with business planning, sourcing financing and site selection.
  • Efficient turnkey store and expert, on-site training for fast-tracked start-up.
  • Ongoing operating guidance focused on planning for profit.
  • Frequent new products and services always tested and, if successful, added.
  • Flexible operating policies to encourage local entrepreneurial development.
  • Start-up marketing tailored to your location with locally targeted advertising.
  • Special franchise fee discounts for veterans

We have answers to your questions we think you will like. You can reach us at franchiseinfo@postalconnections.com or (800) 767-8257. Or simply apply online and we will contact you.

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