Postal Connections/iSOLD It Reaches New Heights in 2021

As Postal Connections/iSOLD It closes out 2021, we’d like to reflect on how our business grew and our plans to “pack” an even bigger punch in 2022

Establishing Notable Market Position Early On

We have escalated sales performances this year in a dramatic fashion as same-store service center sales surged up by 14% nationwide year-to-date through November compared to last year. Even with the ever-changing state of the world, Postal Connections has continued to provide excellent customer service and give franchisees multiple revenue streams with strong gross profit margins. Most notably, our service center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, led by accomplished retail industry executive Forrest Brackbill, is up in sales by over 78% so far in 2021. This dramatic 2021 revenue growth is attributed largely to Forrest’s professional focus on B2B services.

As e-commerce continues to boom, Postal Connections/iSOLD It is at the forefront, leveraging customized software platforms where our franchisees can deliver modern, online service solutions with convenience to customers. Our success is built on a solid foundation of support, trust, and appreciation for our customers, resulting in strong business growth for our franchise owners over the past two years.

Franchise Growth In 2021

With a strong momentum behind our brand’s growing success, Postal Connections/iSOLD It continues its strategic franchising initiative to expand its franchisee operator network. Over the past year, new locations in Idaho, Delaware and Oregon have opened and we are slated to unveil another new location in Melbourne, Florida early in 2022.

Most recently, a new Postal Connections/iSOLD It location opened its doors to the Bend, Oregon community. Fred Morache, Postal Connections/iSOLD It COO and franchisor, attended the Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony with Bend franchisees Lee Kennedy and Leticia Sanchez.

Evolving to Consumer Needs

We’ve established ourselves as more than a pack and ship store, and Postal Connections is the largest retail chain offering online sales services to assist customers selling on internet sites. The variety of services we offer helps meet our customers’ needs and further establishes Postal Connections as an evolving and relevant brand. As we move into 2022, Postal Connections will concentrate on business and consumer trends where our services are a necessity, and deliver exceptional record-setting service to our communities.

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