Postal Connections of America: The Story

Postal Connections of America started in 1995 as a company that built and furnished postal, packing and shipping stores for independent operators. In 1996, Postal Connections began franchising our concept, offering to franchisees a support system for daily operations, marketing and preferred vendors.

In 2000, this franchising company was purchased by a holding company to be made part of a collection of businesses operating Postal Connections as a subsidiary. Two years later, the current owners, C. “Andy” Thompson and Fred Morache, joined Postal Connections as experienced managers to develop the franchise business.

In 2007, Andy and Fred bought the franchise to operate it as a privately held company dedicated to expanding franchise stores across the country. The stores are modeled on an updated version of the original postal, shipping and business services concept they helped create at Mail Boxes Etc. before UPS purchased the franchise and changed this model. The original model is based on community-oriented services specializing in personalized service and competitive pricing.

A key aspect of Postal Connections is flexible operations. We often work with franchisees in adding new services or products hard-to-find in the community or integrating a locally existing business into the Postal Connections Store. We are a community service center.

Our new store process is very efficient delivering totally furnished, and a ready-to-go facility started with a low initial investment and low overhead. Thorough training in all aspects of the business, favorable vendor relationships, and franchise owner flexibility to meet local customer opportunities are key elements of our business.

Today, Andy Thompson and Fred Morache are Managing Partners and sole owners of Postal Connections of America, headquartered in Frisco, TX. Prior to this venture, both men were key executives at Mail Boxes Etc., where they were instrumental in growing that company from a collection of neighborhood service centers to a worldwide network. Additionally, the Postal Connections staff and Area Franchisees are dedicated to assisting and guiding franchisees in growing their business.

We know the challenges and the exhilaration of making a store go.

We love this business!