Postal Connections Franchisee Breaks Even After 3 Months of Operation

Postal Connections franchise owners Bhavin and Shraddha Patel.

With threats of looming recession, you may be looking for a resilient business opportunity that will continue to profit even in times of economic uncertainty. Pack and ship businesses are generally strong investment opportunities, offering a diverse range of essential business services to maintain stable revenue.

At Postal Connections, our proven business model offers an excellent investment opportunity with promise of continued growth and stability. Through our stable revenue stream, low cost to entry and simple business structure, our pack-and-ship franchise business is in a good position for a successful ROI. The initial investment typically is $190,000, not including an operating reserve.

Our retail concept is simple: provide business services in a digital world where people are starving for customized service solutions instead of help on recorded phone choices or reading a chat. Our franchisees deliver business services by blending friendly, trustworthy solutions with tech-savvy know-how. 

Postal Connections franchisees continue to flourish under our proven model. But don’t just take our word for it; read how one of our newest franchisees found success with our pack-and-ship franchise.


Melbourne, Florida Service Center Shatters Records

Earlier this year, we announced the grand opening of our second Florida Postal Connections franchise in Melbourne, located near Cape Canaveral. Entrepreneurial couple Bhavin and Shraddha Patel are spearheading growth, furthering community relationships to enhance their business and drive repeat customers.

With valuable work experience in management and customer service, the couple was eager to serve the community and provide time-saving, personalized attention. This passion turned into profit, as the duo quickly broke even after just three months of operations – the fastest in our system’s history.

To further enhance revenue opportunities, the Melbourne service center recently added iSOLD It®, a system for selling items through eBay to get the best price and fastest return. Increasing diverse revenue streams with high-demand services like iSOLD It®, an eBay sales assistance, is just one of the ways we are innovating to enhance our franchisees’ bottom line.

If you’re ready to get started on your pack-and-ship business, inquire today to get started.

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