It truly is this simple. Have a look at what Postal Connections has to offer, then apply, qualify, and get ready to own your own business!

5 Easy Steps to Owning Your Own Business

Step 1

Decide to Move Forward
Seeking financial and career independence? Postal Connections is a good place to be. Review our opportunity or contact us at (800) 767-8257 or by email: to receive a complete package of information. We are more than happy to discuss our opportunity.

Step 2

Fill out our confidential franchise application. You can apply online. Our online application is protected with a 128-bit Secure Server. Your application is needed before we can consider you for our franchise opportunity.

Step 3

Review Our Franchise Agreement
After we review your application, we will send you detailed information and our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and our Franchise Agreement. Please note that receiving this FDD does not place any obligation on you nor indicate any commitment from Postal Connections.

Step 4

Talk to People About Our Opportunity
We are happy to answer any questions. Our Franchise Development Vice President is available. Evaluate our documents with family, your business and/or legal advisor, accountant, or any other person whose opinion you value.

Step 5

When You Are Ready …
Our franchise owner will come to visit with you to answer any remaining questions and meet to determine if we are a match for this very important business decision. When this is a “go”, we ask that you sign our agreement and pay the initial franchise fee. You are then on your way as a Postal Connections business owner!

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