Franchising with Your Better Half Can be the Best of Both Worlds

With over a dozen couples already in our franchise system, it’s easy to observe that married partners are seeking new opportunities to be their own boss and own their own business. Many of our existing franchisees have an entrepreneurial mindset, but are looking for a proven system with which they can join forces. Postal Connections offers an opportunity for couples who have shared goals to grow personally and professionally.

Here are three reasons why married couples make great franchisees:

1. Perhaps the greatest advantage is two careers and two revenue streams

Starting a business can be a vulnerable time financially, as you have to spend money to make money. Most often, married couples each have a career and are typically at different stages, making it possible for one person who has ended a career with a company to seek an opportunity to be their own boss. Not only does it free up time to pursue working for yourself, but most importantly the second person keeps their income, allowing the couple to meet household expenses through the vulnerable start up months of a new franchise business. Additionally, the common method for funding new franchise businesses is debt. Married couples usually have the advantage to consider factors such as SBA backed lending or private lenders currently offering low interest rates. Lenders will want to see a proven franchise concept and a second household income and Postal Connections provides the perfect opportunity for married couples to take advantage of these lending options.

2. Business responsibilities and duties can be split amongst two people

Often married couples have different talents that complement each other—one is a savvy user of technology; another is a people-person; one is focused on financial matters while the other is a visionary with creative business solutions Franchise concepts offer the FTC required Franchise Disclosure Document [FDD]. This is a detailed description of how the business operates and insight into the kinds of talents needed to be successful. It gives potential franchise owners a clear picture of the types of talents needed and coaches what questions to ask the potential franchisor. The best part is a married couple should know each other, making their franchise experience a much smoother transition.

3. Business milestones and success can be shared together

Sharing the workload, also means sharing the reward. When a franchise business booms, couples share that experience and strengthen their bond as business partners as well as their personal bond. Respect, setting boundaries, and productive communication are all personal relationship aspects that can be improved by sharing the responsibility of running a business. Here are a few examples of successful franchise married couples that Postal Connections is proud of:

  • A couple that became franchisees where one was a housewife and the other an airline pilot. The pilot was a creative thinker always looking for opportunities to increase sales. The housewife awakened her extraordinary talent for managing a business and customer care skills. It has been a perfect match of talent and collaboration. The former housewife now operates three Postal Connections service centers and the pilot has moved on to a senior management position with an international company.
  • A second couple continued to build their Postal Connections business while keeping two revenue streams; One partner, a schoolteacher and the other a fulltime operator of the pack and ship business. Following the difficult part of opening, the couple, now 17-years later, has a valuable asset that can be transferred to a new buyer. The teacher retired and they have the freedom to choose when to “cash out” and enjoy a new life.
  • Most recently, a new married couple has joined Postal Connections, one with financial and management skills and the other with a high-level of operating experience managing pack & ship franchise locations. The couple are working together closely and applying their expertise to open a new Postal Connections location. The site selection, financing and service center buildout is strengthened by close collaboration of one partner concentrating on the construction and physical design and the other coordinating funding and vendor selections. Because of the couple’s tight knit relationship and thoroughness, it is anticipated they will be highly successful.


The Postal Connections franchise business model offers ready to go startups for married couples. With initial and ongoing training and close support from Headquarters, our married partners are enabled to combine their financial strength and apply different talents while maintaining a happy household.

If you’re ready to step into the Postal Connections franchise business with your better half, reach out to us today!

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