Video Q&A with Our Top Performing Franchisee

We’re packing up the early part of 2022 with incredible sales growth, thanks to our customer-centric focus and resilient business model.

One of our standout performers is Boise, Idaho franchise owner Ron Bishop. Ron is no stranger to strong sales metrics. Since opening in September 2019, his sales took off almost immediately, with 2021 YOY sales nearly 40%.

As an accomplished retail industry executive, his proven experience combined with our customer-centric focus and extensive corporate support has allowed his business to flourish in the bustling Boise market.

We sat down with Ron to talk about his experience as a Postal Connections franchise owner and he shares his insights to the benefit of future franchisees. Check out his video here:


The system-wide sales surge has been steady during the past two years. In 2021, the Postal Connections network of service centers combined for a 19% record revenue gain over 2019.

“The bottom line is that we are connecting fantastically with what our community needs,” said Bishop. “As long as we continue to stand out from the pack with the best customer service in the area, the sky is the limit for us.”

Learn more about the Postal Connections brand and our franchise opportunity.


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