Why Veterans Make Great Postal Connections Franchise Owners

One out of every seven franchises in the United States is owned by a veteran. Veterans are among some of the best franchise owners because they have the strong entrepreneurial skills to own and operate a successful business. This includes a mixture of leadership, hard work and dedication, and the ability to follow systems and procedures.


Roots Built with Veterans

At Postal Connections, our franchise is built by business owners who work hard each and every day, a statement that is especially true of our veteran franchise owners.

Postal Connections is dedicated to helping veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces after they leave active service. Transitioning back into civilian life can be a challenge on several levels, and Postal Connections is committed to assisting former servicemen and women in pursuing a career they are passionate about with our proven franchise opportunity.

Veterans form a vital part of our franchise network, and qualified veterans can take advantage of a 20% VetFran opportunity discount in franchise fees to get started. Our model, which rewards integrity and hard work, is a perfect fit for veterans who are looking to return to civilian life and use their proven work ethic to launch their own business venture as part of a trusted franchise.


Highlighting Success

Postal Connections franchise owner Ann Marie Marvin and her husband Darren are prime examples of veterans succeeding with Postal Connections business ownership. Marvin served in the U.S. Navy for six years as a Surface Warfare Officer and opened her location in San Diego, California, in 2009.

To Marvin, instilling a sense of community and service within her business is very important, and her goal is to make each customer she encounters feel safe, appreciated, and valued. As an exceptional example of the model franchise candidate, Marvin won franchise of the year in 2016 for her unwavering commitment to success and brand growth.


Advice for Prospective Veteran Franchisees

The greatest piece of advice for veterans considering franchising?

Do your homework. Conduct research. Talk to franchisors and franchisees. Make sure the franchise you choose matches your lifestyle, values and business goals. If you are interested in building a family business, an income-earning bridge to retirement, an appreciating asset, or leaving the military with aspirations to be an entrepreneur, check out our franchise opportunities at Postal Connections.

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