Two Ways to Become a Postal Connections Franchisee

A Postal Connections Store or Postal Connections Express® Outlet are Excellent Ways to Take Advantage of the Demand for Personalized Shipping and Packaging Services

Owning your own business can be satisfying and becoming a Postal Connections franchisee lets prospective entrepreneurs enjoy an affordable, low-cost start up while keeping overheads to a minimum. This is especially attractive for first-time business owners who might not have the resources or marketing muscle to stand out on their own. Following the proven business system of a national franchise like Postal Connections allows franchisees to participate in a thriving business venture with a strong support system and proven business practices and processes set in place. This means franchisees are going into business for themselves but not by themselves.

Even better, you can become a Postal Connections franchisee one of two ways:

A full-service Postal Connections store, which provides a comprehensive range of products and services that help support both businesses and personal needs of each community far beyond those of the basic drop-off, pack and ship store. These stand-alone locations play an important role in each community they serve.

In addition, there are opportunities to open a Postal Connections Express® outlet in neighborhoods across the nation, which comes with the same marketing, training and support as the Postal Connections store but does not offer retail products or mailboxes in an effort to focus fully on business services. Postal Connections Express® shops are located inside Wal-Mart SuperCenters, which provides the opportunity for additional foot traffic.

Postal Connections stores and Postal Connections Express® outlets both have the option of adding an additional profit center: an iSOLD It department. iSOLD It helps customers and local businesses sell unwanted, used and overstock merchandise through online outlets such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon, a sought-after service that has gained popularity in recent years. Franchisees are encouraged to add an iSOLD It department on location to offer a full suite of online selling services in addition to the usual packaging, shipping and business services.

Whichever model franchisees choose, there’s a Postal Connections that is just right to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions. Postal Connections is the franchise of the future.

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