Deciding on a Franchise Product or Service to Sell

It’s a big decision deciding what you want to sell, what business or franchise product or service speaks to you and will also make you money when you decide on what type of franchise to buy or business to own. Have you ever thought about why stores in your neighborhood sell what they sell? For … Continued

The importance of Pre-qualification to a Franchise Investment

?Similar to buying a home, it is vital that a perspective franchise buyer has realistic expectations, preparation and know cash flow capabilities to make a franchise investment.  For years, mortgage companies have pre-qualified borrowers to establish a price range for the home they would lend to.  The benefits are many, including a pre-qualification provides tremendous buying power and the right guidance on … Continued

Locking into the Franchise Formula

One of the main differentiators between buying an independent business and purchasing a franchise is the franchise formula. But what is a franchise formula? It is a proven model for marketing and operating a business from lawn care to garage door installations to educational systems to cupcake shops to a fast food restaurant. Independent businesses also … Continued

What Does a Franchise Cost and What is the Money For?

As one who offers franchise opportunities, typically the first question asked by interested people is how much does it cost to become a franchisee and what does this include? To answer this question it needs to be understood that a franchise is a system—usually including proprietary methods, training, a brand name and support from experts—for … Continued

Five Reasons to Buy a Business

The franchise business has weathered the recession better than most industries and it shows considerable promise moving forward. Plus, this is the time when more people are patronizing local shops allowing for the flourishing of family capitalism rather than big business capitalism. Good reasons to buy right now include: Seasonality: Be ready to take advantage … Continued

8 Steps to Take Prior to Buying a Franchise- Franchise Fred

As with any major purchase, especially one that will become your life’s work, perform your due diligence. Below are eight steps you need to take prior to buying a franchise: Make sure your own finances are in order. Franchisors will want to know that you are financially secure before awarding you a franchise. Carefully review … Continued

The Impact of Franchising in America

Periodically, the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation publishes a study developed by PwC that measures the contributions of franchising to the US economy.  The key economics measured in the study were jobs, payroll output and GDP establishments. It’s exhaustive research that even presents the impact on a state by state basis. Following are some of … Continued

How to Decide Between an Independent or Franchise Business

How to Decide Between an Independent or Franchise Business When you decide to buy a business, one of the first decisions you will face is whether to purchase an independent or a franchise business. People succeed in both kinds of enterprises but there are significant differences between the opportunities. A big part of the choice … Continued