Postal Connections Executive Team Leverages Experience to Build Brand

Fred Morache and C. “Andy” Thompson bring extensive experience in nurturing powerhouse businesses to develop Postal Connections to its full potential

Postal Connections got its start more than 20 years ago and over the years it has stayed nimble, adapting to the latest business-savvy strategies, while staying true to its core principles. Postal Connections launched in 1995 as a company that developed pack and ship stores.

Seeing franchising as a way to grow the business effectively across the country, Postal Connections launched franchising operations the following year. To accelerate growth by following a fixed strategic plan, the company brought in two veterans of the franchising world, C. “Andy” Thompson and Fred Morache. Today, Morache and Thompson are managing partners and sole owners of Postal Connections.

Fred Morache has decades of experience in the industry and knows the formula to build franchise concepts into outstanding successes. Starting with McDonald’s, Morache has also developed marketing and franchising strategies for Fortune 500 companies, nurturing them to powerful international brands.

Morache and Thompson continue to apply their decades of business experience in developing Postal Connections as the community-centered solution for a comprehensive range of services for small businesses. From mailboxes to packing and shipping solutions, Postal Connections has developed a niche in small communities as the one-stop shop that anchors area businesses. Stores now also have the option to add iSOLD It online sales assistance services which is proving to be a profitable additional revenue stream.

Equally important, Morache and Thompson have nurtured a franchise that puts its franchisees and community first in all its operations. They help passionate entrepreneurs strengthen their existing bonds in the local community while operating a successful, proven and reliable business model.

Morache and Thompson know that preserving authenticity and flexibility as Postal Connections continues its strategic expansion is the best way to stand out now and in the long run.

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