Postal Connections Couple Prove Marriage and Work Can Work Together

Pete and Sue Pierce operate a thriving Postal Connections franchise and know what it takes for success in business and love

Pete and Sue Pierce have been married for 28 years and they truly are a team in work too: Together they own Postal Connections of America in Bend, Oregon and they couldn’t be happier about working together as a team. In an article for The Bend Source, the couple shared that one of the many keys to success is capitalizing off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. “I do mostly operations, she’s the one who makes sure I stay grounded,” Pete says of his wife.

Pete says that while shipping, personal mail boxes and copying services combine to make up about 80 percent of their business, it is the more unusual services such as electronic fingerprinting that Postal Connections offers that makes the franchise a standout in the community and more than just another pack-and-ship store.

The Pierces’ Postal Connections store has been #1 in sales among all the franchises for the past 12 years. They encourage other couples to consider the franchising option and advise them to communicate, have a sense of humor and not to bring work home with them.

Couples like the Pierces have several Postal Connections models to choose from including the Postal Connections Store model or the Postal Connections/iSOLD It model, which gives the franchisee the option to add an iSoldit department to an existing Postal Connections store. The franchise has created thriving businesses for couples like Pete and Sue because it offers a unique operational model in communities where both the public and small businesses seek out the kinds of services that Postal Connections offers.

A Postal Connections store is a win-win for franchisees and the communities and especially so for couples who are looking to work together to build their own business using a proven business model with solid backing and ongoing support.

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