Franchise Seeks Veterans with a 50% Discount

Navy helped prepare Ann Marie & Darin Marvin to own their own business
Navy helped prepare Ann Marie & Darin Marvin to own their own business

Postal Connections Finds Military Experience Helps Operate Successful Stores

(San Diego, CA)(January 22, 2013) – Postal Connections of America (PCA) is seeking military veterans for its nationwide network of shipping and business services stores with an unprecedented 50 percent discount off its franchise fee. Many of PCA’s most successful locations are owned and operated by military veterans.

“The discount is $12,450 off the standard $24,900 franchise fee making our initial investment to own a new, turnkey store as low as $100,000,” said Fred Morache, PCA Franchisor and Owner.

“Following highly successful military careers, we have veterans from various parts of the country who are not only thriving but operating several of the top-performing stores in our organization,” says Morache, following the company’s own recent year-end review.

Ann Marie Marvin, a former Navy Lt. Commander with 6 years active duty and four years in the reserves, was deployed to the Gulf twice. Together with her husband Darin, a former Navy Commander, they have operated a top-performing PCA franchise in San Diego for nearly three years.

“From our military background, we are used to being in command and good at managing people,” said Ann Marie Marvin. “In the Navy, you set a plan of action, adapt to changes as they occur and the same goes for successfully operating our PCA business. We enjoy the flexibility of the PCA management team—that’s something we didn’t find when researching other similar franchise operations.”

In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 21.6 million veterans, 18-years plus, in the civilian population — about 10% of the adult population. Importantly, there are approximately 2.5 million veterans from the latest Gulf War in Iraq and Afghanistan with an unemployment rate of 10.8%. Finally, there are approximately 8 million Vietnam era veterans who may be looking at owning a business as a financial bridge to retirement.

“A military background bodes well for operating a PCA franchise,” explains Morache. “Vets are most comfortable in a leadership role, good at multi-tasking, can adapt quickly to new environments, are technically savvy and able to establish a good rapport with variety of people. These are all essential ingredients for operating a successful PCA franchise.”

The Postal Connections of America store operated by Ann Marie and Darin is located at 3895 Clairemont Drive, Suite 101,San Diego, CA 92117. Phone: 858-483-1909. Besides California, Postal Connections can be found in 17 other states.

About Postal Connections of America:

Postal Connections is a growing franchise chain of postal, shipping and business services stores, with its newest stores in Orland Park IL, Vero Beach FL, and Modesto CA. Stores operate to make life easier for people on-the-go and small businesses by offering shipping alternatives, packaging, freight, printing and copies, mail receiving, inkjet, toner and laser cartridges, notary, fax, and a unique variety of online buying and selling services.

Postal Connections of America is a network of 50franchise stores nationwide and is a sister-chain with 20 iSold It on eBay stores. The franchises are headquartered in Frisco, TX and can be found at and or call 1-800 POSTALS (767-8257).

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