Finding Your Way in a New E-Commerce World

Postal Connections serving customers

Today’s increase in online consumer shopping is changing e-commerce fulfillment in new ways.

Experts attribute this to the so-called “Amazon effect.” As the result of increased purchasing of unpredictable sets of items from online retailers, the Amazon effect describes the need for the e-commerce industries to adapt to Amazon’s practices.

Amazon’s next-day and same day delivery service has reset consumer expectations. Now, brands are pressured to meet that new baseline delivery expectation to remain competitive. Consumers expect that same rapid fulfillment from every e-commerce experience, but that can pose a challenge for companies that lack the infrastructure to make it happen.

The rise of e-commerce has increased the need for pack and ship companies like Postal Connections and what is called “last-mile service” to the door of the customer or the neighborhood. Returns, secure package pickup locations, customer service for tasks to save time or convenience is key to satisfied ecommerce patrons. Local small businesses geared to sell online need the back-office support to get products packaged and shipped efficiently and safely to customers.

Direct to Consumer Companies Molding to New E-Commerce Experiences

Direct to consumer (D2C) companies are on the rise. Since many D2C brands differentiate themselves almost entirely on branding, the unboxing experience for D2C companies is critical. Products can’t arrive damaged or out of shape, or these brands risk losing customers to competitors.

Finding a company that offers more than just your basic pack and ship is easier than you may think; just use Postal Connections.

How Can Postal Connections Help?

We’re a leading provider of a wide array of business and personal services, offering convenient access to postal products, mail receiving, shipping with leading carriers, drop-offs accepted and pickup service, freight, printing, creative services, copying, fax, passport photos, notary, shredding, digital fingerprinting and other hard to find services.

Despite pandemic-related challenges felt throughout the world, Postal Connections generated momentum in 2020, leading to a 9.8% increase in sales over 2019. In 2020, 75% of the 44 Postal Connections service centers achieved record-setting annual sales. During the first six months of 2021, the franchise network increased nationwide same-store sales by 23% over 2020 and in August added two new service centers.

Consumers have expectations, and if they’re not met, a new e-commerce retailer is just a click away. Want to know more about how you can help companies to adapt and thrive? Learn more about our franchising opportunities here.

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