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Make money from unused items on eBay’s iSOLD It

The average household has about $2,500 dollars worth of stuff that they aren’t using. Now, a local franchise is here to help you sell all those items and put that money back in your pocket.

If you’re going to sell stuff – a good place to do is online. But if you’re like me, the chore of taking pictures, posting items and dealing with buyers as well as shipping is a little daunting.

That’s where Rick Martin of Delaware comes in.

Are you trying to pay for a tropical summer getaway or a family vacation? How about looking around your house for some items you may not be using?

“We can help them finance their vacation by bringing them to our store and selling them on eBay for them,” said Martin.

Martin runs iSOLD It in Hockessin, Delaware and they will do all the work for you. If you have a lot of stuff to sell – iSOLD It even makes house calls!

“If they live near our store, we can actually have one of our folks come out and go through things with them,” said Martin.

You can also call to make an appointment and bring your items to his brick and mortar store, Postal Connections.

“And we’ll research them right on the spot to determine if they’re enough value to get them up on eBay for them,” he said.

Things that sell well include electronics, specially anything Apple, designer handbags and clothes, instruments and sporting equipment.

Some of the things that don’t sell well may surprise you? Baseball cards post-1970, as well as certain non-valuable Beanie Babies.

“What our customer will get is anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of the value,” said Martin.

Martin not only takes pictures and posts, he does all the follow-up work.

“Then we do instant follow-up with our customers. If a buyer has a question on an item, we get back to them in 24 hours,” he said.

Martin puts items in the mail 24 hours within the sale being completed and says he’ll write you a check two weeks after your item has been sold and delivered to the customer.

For more information on iSOLD It, visit postalconnections234.com.

Article courtesy of: WPVI-TV ABC 6 Action News

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