Creating Back To School Care Packages

Local expert shares how to create the perfect back-to-school care package for college students

Being away from family and friends can be stressful for both students and their loved ones as young adults head off to college for the first time. To combat the homesickness that many students feel, parents are putting together care packages to ship to them, a small gesture that can make a big difference to a stressed out student.

Local packing/shipping expert and owner of Postal Connections Tampa, Florida, Linda Fritz, put together the below tips for parents on how to properly package their gifts to avoid spoiling and breaking:

  • Place packing peanuts or bubble wrap in the top and bottom of the box
  • Wrap the heaviest items in additional bubble wrap & place them at the bottom of the box
  • Don’t use newspaper for packing – the material isn’t ideal as it tends to tear during shipping
  • Protect all glass items with at least 2 inches of cushion
  • Pack only non-perishable items – instant meals, coffee, snacks…etc
  • Put in a few comforts from home – their favorite coffee mug, small gifts and a handwritten note or card

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